Welcome To A Southern Tree

There is no shortage of tree service companies in the metro Atlanta area – reportedly more than 300.  Unfortunately most of these are defined by “a guy with a truck and a chainsaw.” Their business model is not based on longevity but rather getting by.  They are cheap, but often lack many assurances (e.g. insurance, written guarantee, etc.) that a prudent consumer should be considering.

At the other end of the market are reputable firms with a large regional or even national presence.  These can be counted on one hand.  They have a fleet of shiny, matching trucks and many assurances – but are typically very expensive.

A Southern Tree fits somewhere in the middle.  We believe we provide a reasonable price while including the professionalism, insurance and written guarantee you should require from anyone doing work on your property.

Tree Service Atlanta

Our Assurances

If you are only interested in getting the cheapest price, we are probably not going to be the ones to contact.  There are far too many “cut-rate Bubbas” in Atlanta that will work cheap.  However, if you want a reasonable price that includes the assurances that protect you and your property, we hope you will consider us – we believe we are your best option.

We hear it all the time when providing quotes, “You are the first out here.”  We are aware of the tactic by others to drag their feet, show up last, and try to undercut all other quotes by $50.  We don’t operate that way and trust that our clients don’t either.  We show up promptly for quotes and jobs – communicating with you when changes occur.

This is a big one in this business.  Fear is a powerful emotion when thinking about potentially dangerous trees.  Unfortunately, the “fear card” is played early and often by many in order to create or inflate jobs.  We are honest and straightforward, hoping to preserve trees where possible, and employing third-party, independent advice when requested or necessary.  NOBODY can predict when or how a tree will fall, they can only assess the risk relative to certain visible signs and/or environmental conditions.

Our business model is built around maintaining viability long-term.  This means our prices don’t simply cover our costs for the day, but include the costs that allow for reinvestment and proper insurance.  Most tree service companies in Atlanta simply don’t consider such things in their pricing.  Additionally, we don’t rip you off — we won’t gouge you in an emergency.  Our goal is to provide consistently fair pricing whether it is an emergency or in the slow winter months.

This involves so much more than just experienced individuals working on your trees.  It begins with the professionalism in quoting, the communication in scheduling, respecting your property, and standing behind our work with a written guarantee.  It’s the entire experience.