We want to be your partner, not just a tree service vendor. A Southern Tree has some specific qualities that you should know about – depending on who you are and what type of services you require.  We hope you are seeking a true partner and will consider these qualities when making your choice.

The reality in Atlanta is that you will not need tree work just once.  Typically, the cycle will be at least every 2-3 years.  You need a partner that you can depend on for fair pricing every time.


What kind of consumer are you?

We try very hard to maintain your loyalty.  Most of our business comes from your referrals and we not only appreciate that, we don’t want to make you look bad!  In addition to your support, there are several things we do for our you beyond our first-time clients:

  • Priority quote and/or assessment.  If you are concerned about something or just want an opinion, we will happily take a look for you and provide any extended resources, if needed, with no pass-thru charge.
  • Diligence in competitive pricing, including a relaxing of the minimum charge for any “small stuff.”
  • Seasonal newsletter oriented toward tree health and maintenance tips.
  • Extended services not offered to a first-time customer such as clearing or debris removal.

We very much appreciate your continued support and loyalty and want to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with you as long as you are in the Atlanta area.

“Be a trusted partner to help us cost effectively manage our trees over time.”

You have work to do, and the last thing you probably want when trees need to be removed are scheduling hassles or dissatisfaction with your client.  A Southern Tree has worked with builders, landscapers and pool contractors for many years and recognizes these are critical success factors with home contractors in the Atlanta area.  We will quickly get in and out so you can get on with your project.

If you prefer, you can have confidence in us working directly with your client.  We will, at all times, remember that we are working from your referral.  Our goal is to honor the relationship and role that you want us to play – recognizing that it may change from client to client.

We will give you:

  • Fast, hassle-free email estimating and communicating throughout.
  • Priority scheduling that caters to your project plan.
  • Prompt and thorough job completion.
  • Headache free experience from estimate to invoice.

“Get these trees out in a responsible way so we can get on with our project.”

Your home is probably your single biggest investment, and the trees on your property can contribute to its value.  Too many homeowners neglect their trees, only to solicit help when a tree has gone dead.  Often, some general maintenance every couple of years can significantly reduce any potential risk that large trees could cause and provide an environment for your trees to not simply exist, but thrive.

We work hard to maintain a 70-80% repeat/referral business and want to earn your trust.  Get to know A Southern Tree and the services we can provide for what might be the biggest property asset besides your house.

We will give you:

  • Fast, hassle-free email estimating and communicating.
  • Honest assessment without playing the “fear card.”
  • Fair pricing that does not gouge in emergency, or “give away” in the slow months.
  • Quality work that seeks professionalism from estimate to invoice.

“Provide us with dependable, honest tree services at a reasonable price.”

atlanta-emergency-tree-removalA Southern Tree can be your go-to “first responder” that has the necessary equipment and credentials to safelyclear away all debris that minimizes further damage and allows the securing of the structure to take place.

What makes us the best choice for your client?

  • Certified requisite workers according to their specialty: crane operator, aerial lift specialists, tree climbers and groundsmen.
  • Knowledge and training to approach dangerous situations while keeping crew safe and minimizing further structural damage.
  • Resources and network to tackle the biggest jobs.

“Help me support and represent my Client to the best of my ability.”

If you have rental property that has trees, one of the biggest costs over time will be tree work.  If you own the property five years, you should expect extensive tree work at least once in that time period, and likely 2-3 times.  Many investment property costs can be categorized as discretionary – tree work is NOT one of them.

Liability should be another major concern.  Don’t neglect the trees.  If a tree is visibly dead, or if there are large dead limbs over the house, parking or walking areas, take care of them immediately.  It is not worth waiting and risking the inevitable lawsuit that will follow from the tenant.

A Southern Tree is a unique partner for you because we know the investment property game first hand.  We manage several investment properties and have for many years.  While minimizing costs is important, minimizing headaches is more important.  “Landlording” is not your full-time job, and since tree work is both a necessary cost and a significant risk exposure, we hope you will partner with us.

We will give you:

  • Fast, hassle-free email estimating and communicating throughout – especially valuable if you are not local or if you want to otherwise remain “hands-off.”
  • Honest assessment of property that considers: Cost sensitivities, Potential risk exposure, Long-term property value, Short-term tenant satisfaction/safety.
  • Prompt job completion.
  • Headache free experience from estimate to invoice.

“Just get it done, and look out for my interests.”

Whether you are responsible for apartment, townhome, condo or multiple single-family home properties, or are a Homeowners Association (HOA) tree care is likely a primary concern of yours.  If it’s not, it should be!  Maybe you have never found the right partner to help with that aspect of your oversight.  After all, too many tree companies are either too eager to remove trees, too expensive, or just not very dependable.

A Southern Tree can provide the attention to detail that will give you confidence that the trees on your properties are being cared for in a responsible way.  We have the requisite background and experience to the sensitivities tenants might have and their role in the process.

Additionally, we can provide you with creative annual plans that strategically tackles your tree management over time and within budget.

We will give you:

  • Fast, hassle-free email estimating and communicating.
  • Honest assessment of property that considers: Your fiduciary responsibility to your tenants, Cost sensitivities, Maximizing property safety and value. Prompt job completion.
  • A range of services that supports keeping trees, not just removing.
  • Headache free experience from estimate to invoice.

“Responsibly handle our trees with consistent high service and good pricing.”

Your fiduciary responsibility is to your Client.  If you are the Listing Agent, there are several things you should be making your Client aware of regarding their trees.  First and foremost is their overall contribution to the value of the property.  Each large tree in the front yard adds 1% to the sales price, and large specimen trees can add more than 10% to property value.

  • Are low limbs obscuring the “curb appeal” or not providing proper clearance for the house?  Take care of this simple pruning immediately in order to maximize the listing price and property showings.
  • Are there potential hazards present with diseased or even dead trees? Waiting for the Buyer…or their inspector…or their insurance agent to point them out will only annoy your Client by your oversight.

If you are the Buying Agent, you should be pointing out some of these same things to your Buyer as they consider their investment.  Are there current issues or things that will be issues in the near-term?  The Buyer should not have to deal with tree issues in the first year of their ownership.  Their insurance provider will certainly have a problem with dead trees on the property or limbs encroaching on any structures.

Whether Listing Agent or Buyer’s Agent, A Southern Tree can help you protect your client from surprise costs that can easily get into the thousands.  Don’t allow your client to be unnecessarily surprised by unexpected costs related to dead or potentially hazardous trees.

We will give you:

  • Fast, hassle-free email estimating and communicating.
  • Honest assessment of property that considers:
    • Your fiduciary responsibility to your client,
    • Cost sensitivities,
    • Maximizing property safety and value,
  • Prompt job completion.
  • Headache free experience from estimate to invoice.

“Help me support and represent my Client to the best of my ability.”