Tree pruning (or trimming) is a critical step in the health of Atlanta trees.  There are many very important reasons to prune mature trees, often on a regular basis.  In fact, it is often due to lack of tree pruning (i.e. maintenance), that trees fail.  Maybe it is a large oak that falls over in a wind storm because the canopy was too full and acted as a sail.  Or, the splitting of a bradford pear in the spring as limbs have become horizontal with the new leaf weight.

Additionally, property aesthetics can be affected dramatically when trees are not looked after regularly.  Low limbs often need to be pruned to provide proper clearance for walking, sightline to house, and roof clearance.  The difference is often dramatic!

Consider the following on your mature trees at least every 2-3 years

  • Structural – primarily to achieve proper weight distribution and balance.  The majority of  anopy weight would ideally be opposite of any structures.
  • Cleaning – ridding the canopy of die-back.
  • Thinning – to reduce wind drag.  This is critical in giving a tree a fighting chance in our Georgia storms.
  • Raising – lifting the canopy to provide clearance and increase aesthetic beauty.
  • Helping to reduce the risk of failure in mature leads.
  • Helping to repair/restore clean cuts after storm damage.
Pruning Trees
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Pruning – A Right Way (and wrong way)

Of course, A Southern Tree employs all of the recommended tools and techniques to properly prune including never using spikes on removal of any live trees/limbs.  The use of spikes significantly decreases the time required to climb a tree, and is therefore a practice used by tree services delivering cheap and careless work – remember Bubba?

One more thing worth mentioning – we DO NOT ascribe to very ugly and harmful practice of “tree topping.” Read more about this unfortunate practice.