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Tree removal in Atlanta is an unfortunate reality.  Sometimes trees just have to be removed.  Either due to lack of regular maintenance (i.e. pruning), safety concerns, disease (e.g. pine beetle, ambrosia, etc.) or other grounds’ considerations.

Trees are our largest living assets, but with the harsh realities of an urban setting, trees need careful attention.  There are any number of reasons why a tree can be compromised.  Recently, Atlanta has experienced its share of environmental challenges – not enough rain (drought), too much rain (soggy ground), tornados or high winds.  Add to this our poor soil (clay) and possible root disturbance from soil compaction or construction and your tree might raise the white flag of surrender!

Hopefully regular maintenance and treatment are part of your consideration, but when the time comes for removal, A Southern Tree can do the job with the safety and precision required to complete the job with minimal impact.

Safe Tree Removal

Atlanta Tree Removal Types

Tree removal is not just “removal.”  There are several factors to consider, all of which weigh on the total price for the job.  Make sure to consider your quote in the context of potential collateral damage and the state in which your landscape and property will be left after the fact. We do our best to set your expectation by categorizing our intended tree removal approach on the quote.

Atlanta Tree Removal
  • “Removal” is the fastest (i.e. cheapest) and may be the only option if the tree is dead or otherwise hazardous. The tree is either felled, or only partially climbed.
  • “Low-Impact” is most common. We climb the tree, de-limbing on the way up, remove or drop the top and then drop small to medium sections of the trunk around the base of the tree.
  • “No-Impact” and/or “Crane” is usually most expensive and involves roping each piece out and lowering to ground. However, there are some instances where a crane may be the cheapest option due to size or location of the tree to be removed.
  • “Hazard” removal indicates any condition in which the structural integrity of the tree is compromised, making it unsafe to climb. This is most often due to severe decay or rot, but can also be from storm damage or lightening.