Most Atlanta tree service companies are interested in one thing, and one thing only – tree removal.  However, there are several things you can do to help preserve your trees.  A Southern Tree offers several treatments to encourage tree health and resist disease and insects.  These treatments include:

  • Deep Root Treatment – A water-soluble, chemical-free cocktail of micro-nutrients that interact with the roots over 18-24 months (two growing seasons) encouraging root growth and water retention.  This is the “vitamin C” boost your declining tree has been screaming for!
  • Growth Inhibitor – Slows the canopy growth while encouraging root development.  Ideal for fast growers and/or trees that have filled or are close to filling “their space”.  Reduces the degree of pruning that might otherwise be required.
  • Basal Drench – A safe and efficient application that fights scale during the growing season.
  • Trunk Wash – A preventative measure for various insects including the southern pine beetle and ambrosia beetle.

These really do make a difference and are generally much more cost effective than removal.  The fact is, if you have a tree that is showing stress or in decline and you do nothing – it will die.  If the tree is in a good spot and a desirable variety you need to show it some love.

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Organic Treatment Breathes New Life

Tree Treatment

Struggling maple tree (on the left) in the fall

Tree Treatment Atlanta

Same maple in the spring (eight months later)