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“Bubba” is not a person, but an unfortunate approach to tree service and tree removal work in Atlanta.  “Bubba” represents all of the horror stories regarding tree work you may have heard about or even experienced.  We’ve listed a few common things below:

You are scheduled for a quote or for work to be done but nobody shows up or calls.  Maybe you never hear from them again.
You hear a knock at the door and wonder if it’s a package delivery only to find out it’s your door-to-door tree service salesman.  “While we’re in the area” is true only if you can see their trucks and/or hear their chippers.  Desperate is often cheap, but rarely ends well.
When arranging your tree removal estimate, he either asks to be the last one (so he can undercut everyone else) or, once on site, he puts the pressure on you to decide immediately.  “I can have 20 guys here tomorrow morning,” he exclaims, “just give me 20% now.”  Don’t do it!
Your “free” quote ends with their “impartial, professional” opinion that every tree in your yard is “at risk” and should be removed immediately or your family might die.
Your tree removal crew shows up with one saw and one small pickup.  What should have been a 3 hour job, ends only partially completed with you kicking them off your property at 11pm. (true story)
After a disagreement about the work order, the company dumps a load of logs in your driveway. (also a true story)
Shortcut necessary controls and requirements such as insurance and equipment maintenance in order to undercut legitimate companies until the IRS, DOT or state regulators catch up to you, then declare bankruptcy and start a new company.
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Don't Hire Bubba! He'll cost you more one way or another. Don't take the bait.
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“God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods. But he cannot save them from fools.” John Muir

“Bubba” is cheap, but probably not the best choice to be doing important, skilled and often dangerous tree removal work on YOUR property. Additionally, if you own your property for more than three years, you will likely need tree service more than once, so why not make the right choice the first time?

Experience a professional company that you will be able to rely on to accomplish the immediate need, but also know will be there when it’s time for more tree work.

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