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Tree Problems You Can Find – Mushrooms


The ginkgo is not a dense shade tree, but it is unusual, very hearty and bright yellow in the fall.  This is a great choice if you want something unique. Odds are, you don't already have this tree in your landscape. Another interesting characteristic of the Ginkgo is that most gymnosperms (and flowering plants) have both sexes on the same [...]

Crapemyrtle or Crape Myrtle

The Crapemyrtle was introduced in the US in the mid-1700's from China. This is certainly a poplar tree for Atlanta landscapers as typically an accent plant.  It can be planted alone (specimen) or in a cluster (3-5 usually work best). Their flower color varies from white to pink to purple or dark red and blooms in the summer. Size [...]

Red Maple

The red maple is a great choice for a fast growing, beautiful fall color shade tree. Most often, the undesirable silver maple is what is found in the landscape which many (including the city of Atlanta) consider to be a "trash tree." Instead, the red maple provides stronger limb joints, better form and prettier color.  Additionally, its roots are not [...]


Pine tree diseases can cause devastation when they aren't diagnosed promptly. The proper diagnosis and treatment can mean the difference between a tree that will recover, and one that needs to be permanently removed from the landscape. Pine Bark Beetles - The southern pine beetle is the most destructive pine bark beetle in the South. The SPB attacks all species [...]


Cryptomeria is known as an ornamental tree in the US, it is however the main timber tree species in Japan. It is a favorite for builders, often placed as an accent plant on the corner(s) of a house...and often planted too close. Don’t confuse this with the leyland cyprus - similar in look as well as in landscape function (fast [...]


One of my favorite trees is the hickory, prized for it's use in tools and equipment because of it's hard wood.  Hickory wood is great firewood and of course gives us the great flavor to smoked meats. It is also great tree in areas with high winds because of tap roots that go down deep in the earth, making the [...]


The Dogwood is of course an Atlanta classic and something any landscape should include. The Stellar (pink) is a trademarked hybrid breed that is very hardy and extremely showy. The Chinese (white) is more disease resistant and cold hardy than the American counterpart and it blooms a little later but lasts longer than other white dogwoods. Size Stellar about [...]

Root Rot

Root rot  is a common problem with Atlanta trees and may only become evident when the tree falls during a storm. However, one surface indicator of root rot is the presence of mushrooms around the base of the tree. The presence of the mushrooms do not mean the end of the tree but it does mean the presence of decay and [...]

Oak Tree Diseases

A serious threat to oak trees is the fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum, which causes Oak Wilt, a lethal disease to oaks, especially red oaks. Wood-boring beetles carry the spore of the fungus which actually causes Oak Wilt. Root Transmission may also be another way in which the tree is infested (by the underground root systems that often connect one oak tree with [...]