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Leaving a Mess

When we saw a "company" working on Tuesday, we were wondering how it would turn out.  Our suspicion was raised when we saw that none of the workers were wearing hardhats (required).  Furthermore, there did not seem to be any order to how the job was being done - a lot of trees to remove and no focus or direction [...]

Tree Problems You Can Find – Mushrooms

Bubba Strikes Again

I wonder if the homeowner knew this was part of their contract?  People wonder why there is sometimes such a wide range of pricing when they get their quotes.  This is probably worth at least a $400-$600 discount in price.  We could always be the cheapest if we left all the debris at the street!  This had to be done [...]

Root Rot

Root rot  is a common problem with Atlanta trees and may only become evident when the tree falls during a storm. However, one surface indicator of root rot is the presence of mushrooms around the base of the tree. The presence of the mushrooms do not mean the end of the tree but it does mean the presence of decay and [...]

Oak Tree Diseases

A serious threat to oak trees is the fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum, which causes Oak Wilt, a lethal disease to oaks, especially red oaks. Wood-boring beetles carry the spore of the fungus which actually causes Oak Wilt. Root Transmission may also be another way in which the tree is infested (by the underground root systems that often connect one oak tree with [...]