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You have received your quote – now what?

Hiring out tree work should be not taken lightly, especially since death, serious injury or massive damage are a real possibility on your property.  Before evaluating on price alone, we urge you to take 10 minutes to consider the following…not doing so only increases your risk!

In the online world today, this is really simple to do – and you might be surprised by what you find.  Even if you don’t have a personal reference, you can feel confidant that A Southern Tree comes positively recommended by others just like you.

ANY company with no or limited online presence is “fly by night.”  In tree work, that means when something goes wrong they disappear…or if things really go wrong, they file bankruptcy and start a new company – hence, no reputation.

  • Are they registered with the state? You aren’t a real business if you’re not! See for yourself – go to the Sec of State and click on “Search for Corporation.”
  • Do they have a BBB file?  Click the BBB logo to see our A+ rating…and make sure to search for any other companies you are considering.  We are Accredited with the BBB, which means you have extra assurance that we are not operating in the shadows and stand behind our work.
  • Do they have any public, positive reviews?  We do not pay for these nor are they fabricated in any way.  Just honest reviews by satisfied customers.
  • Do they have a website?  Would you really do business these days with a company that didn’t?


Don’t simply rely on our links or pieces of paper a contractor has handed you.  These are not proof, and without your address printed on the bottom the “paper” it is not even technically valid.  We will be happy to put in a request to have these issued in your name directly from our carriers – just let us know, or feel free to contact them directly from our “for bidding purposes only” forms linked above.

Important: UNdocumented = UNinsured…no matter what is said or shown.  You have our written guarantee that anyone stepping on your property is legally able to work in this country and – maybe more important to you – is covered on our worker’s comp policy.  Should they be injured while on your property, you are not liable (with undocumented workers, you ARE ultimately liable.

[This is not a political statement; simply business done right and legal in Georgia.]

Please review our terms for any work engagement.  We try to spell out exactly what you should expect, including specifying in writing different removal techniques, pruning according to A300 standards, and any property disturbance/repair guarantees.  Please let us know if you have any questions about these terms.
We don’t ask for money up front and don’t stand at your door the second we have finished (invoicing is done electronically when we are finished and you are satisfied).  Check out why we believe we are different than most providers.

  • Safety Matters! All employees go through formal training as well as on-the-job.  We conduct weekly safety meetings and have certified Groundsmen, Climbers, Aerial Lift (Bucket) Operators, Electrical Awareness (EHAP) and First-Aid/CPR on the crew(s).
  • Technique Matters! All pruning is done according to ANSI A300 standards.  In other words, the pruning work we do will not kill your tree.  We don’t use spikes, we make proper cuts, we don’t take too much, we don’t top.