When we saw a “company” working on Tuesday, we were wondering how it would turn out.  Our suspicion was raised when we saw that none of the workers were wearing hardhats (required).  Furthermore, there did not seem to be any order to how the job was being done – a lot of trees to remove and no focus or direction on how it was being accomplished – a recipe for disaster at a large job site.

Well, it’s now Saturday and the site looks just like it was left on Tuesday.  Granted, there was a threat for rain on Wednesday that might have deterred their return…..but it is now Saturday.  Hmmm….wonder when they are going to clean up?


Of course, not two miles away, this debris pile still sits by the side of the street. It has been about two weeks since this tree “company” cleared out – not only leaving the debris pile but some really high stumps (notice in the background).  In this case, Bubba removed 6-7 pines and apparently did some pruning (the spike wounds remain).  Hope this homeowner did not make the final payment!