Keeping a tree properly pruned (or trimmed) is a critical step in the health of a tree.  One typical need is to prune trees back for structural clearance.  Tree limbs and branches that are too close to a house (e.g. gutter, roof, etc.) need to be cut back for at least a few reasons:

  1. It looks bad!  Don’t worry about a lopsided tree – it won’t be noticeable in the context of the structure and actually looks proper when it is not crowding a structure.
  2. The limbs will damage your house.  Maybe not on a clear, sunny day, but definitely when the wind starts blowing in a storm.  Limbs can knock a gutter off or put a hole in the roof.
  3. They provide a rodent highway…into your house.

Insurance companies will typically want a 10′ minimum clearance – something that might be flagged if insuring your home with a company for the first time.  A Southern Tree always seeks to achieve a 10-15′ clearance from any structure (while keeping in mind where to properly cut and how much to cut in one season).

To get a quote, simply submit a request and mark “Pruning” with the appropriate reasons provided on the form.