Atlanta Annual Tree Maintenance

Two phrases that have become part of the culture at A Southern Tree are “Urban Trees Need Our Help” and “Removal Should Be A Last Resort.” These mottos are what drive our recommendations and lead us to create innovative solutions for our clients.

So often we see clients that are reacting to a tree situation; they did not notice a problem or condition until it was too late.  With that in mind, we are excited to offer a program that will enable property owners to proactively manage their largest living assets as well as other woody ornamentals on the property.

Our exclusive “Southern TreeGuard” program will give you that ability while providing real value and actual treatment. (We aren’t just telling you what to do, but actually doing stuff!)

Trees are vital to our health and provide actual monetary value to property. Did you know that each large tree in the front yard adds 1% to the sales price, with specimen trees adding more than 10% to property values? The objective of the Southern TreeGuard program is to provide our clients with a proactive, cost effective tool to help in maintaining these real assets.

The Southern TreeGuard Program Includes:

  • Twice annual (spring, fall) property inspection by a certified arborist.
  • An emailed exception report of all prominent woody plant conditions (Sample Southern TreeGuard Report).
  • non-chemical, organic root treatment on every second visit (or first visit if the year is paid in full) for an area up to 1,500 sq. ft.. This could equal the root zone of one medium-sized tree or a cluster of several trees or woody ornamentals (the treatment really benefits anything in the landscape).
  • On-the-spot treatment for active insects (if present) on any woody shrubs and trees up to 12 feet high.
  • 20% off (up to $200 annually) on any subsequent pruning work. Pruning for proper growth and weight distribution is often neglected in the care of trees resulting in premature removal.

Standard Pricing

The base fee is a twice yearly payment of $245 (or $365 for fall visit/root treatment only) for any residential property up to a 1/2 acre (or a defined area on a larger lot such as a specific landscaped area or area around the house). We don’t ask for this up front, billing twice annually (after each visit). You can cancel at any time.

While we truly want to offer this valuable service with no “up charges” (as is the case with so many low price service advertisements these days), there are some instances where the cost would be higher, such as:

  1. Additionally proposed treatments:
    • Root treatment areas larger than 1,500 sq. ft. – e.g. large specimen trees or multiple trees treated,
    • Growth regulator on large specimen trees or fast growing shrubs that you would like to control,
    • Other optional chemical treatments.
  2. Other property types:
    • Larger residential lots,
    • Private landlords with 1 or more rental units,
    • Property managers,
    • Commercial properties.

Please contact us for further details and check “Southern TreeGuard” on the form.

Specimen White Oak

STG Customer’s white oak – once struggling; now magnificent

New Tree Pruning/Treatment “Drop-By” Service

This is not actually part of the TreeGuard program described above, but is a one-time visit in the winter that we recommend for any of our customers where we have planted trees in the last several years.  If you are one of those customers, then you need to have us visit where we will do two very important things in the young life of your tree(s):

  1. We will provide a soil drench fertilizer and root strengthener that will do wonders for your established tree, and
  2. We will do a structural pruning as needed to encourage proper long-term growth.  This may include (as needed) elevation, lateral limb spacing, and removal of any rubbing or competing dominant leader(s).

This service is provided for $139 and is only for clients where A Southern Tree has planted the tree(s).  Please contact us if this is of interest.