Work authorization includes your acceptance of A Southern Tree’s (“AST”) terms

  1. Understanding Your Quote: “Talk Is Cheap” when it comes to tree work. AST knows you want specifics, so our Quotes are detailed and usually itemized. It’s also important because this document becomes the Work Order for the crew. For these reasons, please note the following:
    • Quote total is ultimately based on the total scope of work. As a result, removal of any single quoted item(s) could increase other items. Standard removal/pruning job minimum is $400 (stump grinding: $120).
    • Items potentially talked about on the phone or in person that are not accounted for on the Quote will not be done. Please make sure all items are accounted for in writing on your Quote (or in subsequent email correspondence) prior to job commencement.
    • All removal/pruning work includes complete clean-up and haul away of wood and debris (down to the stump) unless otherwise noted.
    • Quote is valid for 30 days.
  2. Payment: We take pride in not requiring immediate payment, but we do need to be paid and appreciate your prompt payment.  Payment is due upon job completion.  Accepted forms of payment are cash, check or credit card.
    • Split Invoicing: AST reserves the right to invoice a job based on work completed if remaining items are not able to be completed for reasons outside our control.  This includes but is not limited to extended wet weather preventing stump/root ball(s) from being ground.  AST is solely responsible for determining what is and what is not within our control for completion.  Invoices would be sent and payable based on the prices of completed line items.
    • Credit Cards:  Credit cards are invoiced through Paypal with an added convenience fee of 2.5%.
    • Payment Plans/Financing:  Jobs over $1,500 may be split 50/50, with 50% paid at start of job and 50% paid within 30 days of job completion. Other larger job financing options are available, please ask.
    • Late Fee(s):  Payment is considered late if made within 3 days of job completion.  Payments not received within 5 days are subject to a late fee of 5% of invoice total.  Payments not received within 20 days are subject to an additional 5% of invoice total.  Payments not received within 45 days of job completion are subject to a mechanics lien for nonpayment.
    • Returned Check:  Checks returned by bank for any reason incur a $50 fee (in addition to any applicable late fees).
  3. Stump/Rootball Grinding
    • Grinding is not included unless a “Grinding” line item is on your Quote.
    • Any shavings/roots/debris from grinding remain on premises.
    • AST is not liable for damage to any underground asset (e.g. sprinkler lines, accent lighting, etc.) that the Client has not disclosed beforehand.
    • Stumps are cut flat 3-6″ above highest point of ground cover around stump except possibly on very large trees (>30″ DBH) with exceptionally wide root flare at base where it could be higher.  Uprooted trees are cut to lowest point of trunk above ground.  In no circumstances will AST remove dirt/ground cover in order to cut stump/rootball lower.  If you are concerned about how much stump/rootball will be left, you should add Grinding to your Quote.
  4. Inspection and Opinion:  Any opinion regarding trees that is offered during the quoting process is qualified as “Level One” unless otherwise noted.  “Level One” involves visual inspection from a single, fixed point.  (Level Two is inspecting 360 degrees around base; Level Three involves inspection from up/within the tree.)  AST expressly disclaims liability to trees that should fail after providing a quote and offering any opinion.
  5. Your Responsibility:
    • Client named on Quote owns the property (specifically, the tree(s) to be worked on or treated) or is otherwise an authorized agent of the owner that can give work permission. By law, authorization may be given orally or in writing (including email), and includes Client’s acceptance of these Work Terms.
    • Client allows any Subcontractors hired by AST onto property to perform work, including but not limited to stump grinding, crane operation, spray treatments.
    • Client has obtained necessary removal permits (as required) by local municipality and/or HOA and holds AST harmless.
    • Client has disclosed any and all known hazards.  For example, when a previous company has abandoned the job due to hornets’ nest.
  6. Cancellation: Client will be subject to $250 cancellation fee if the work is cancelled by client within 24 hours of scheduled arrival.  This includes and is especially relevant for emergency services where you have given us authorization either verbally or in writing for work to be performed later that day or the next.
  7. Unforeseen Work Stoppage:  Occasionally, AST begins a job in good faith and are forced to stop based on conditions outside of our control.  This might include wasps/bees in or around area, a previously undetected tree hazard making it unsafe to climb, or an unforeseen logistical issue (e.g. previously undisclosed septic, parked cars, etc.).  When this happens, we commit to try to resolve the issue in good faith and completing the work to the extent it is within our control.
  8. Repair Guarantee: While we always exercise care, AST carries general liability insurance for rare but possible claims of property damage.  While smaller claims (e.g. gutter, fence, etc.) may not warrant an insurance claim, AST will still handle repairing if damaged.  AST will repair any damage we cause excepting the limitations listed below.
  9. Limitations to Repair Guarantee:  AST expressly limits any liability to repair or warrant property disturbance or damage in the following circumstances:
    • when expressly noted on the quote,
    • when landscape/lawn is disturbed and the Client opted for a cheaper cost removal option when multiple options were presented – cheaper removal options (e.g. “Removal” vs. “Crane Removal) will almost always create more landscape disturbance,
    • when removing very dead trees or limbs (dead wood cannot be tied or roped with any degree of predictability),
    • any removal categorized as “Hazard” (any time the tree has lost its structural integrity such as caused from storm damage, extreme rot/decay, some lightening damage, etc.); safety of our workers is paramount; our effort is to remove the hazard and prevent further damage as much as possible but no guarantee is given for any structure or surrounding landscape,
    • when something underground was damaged (e.g. septic, sprinkler line, water line, landscape lighting, etc.) and the Client did not notify the crew that the underground object was in the work area or on the path to/from the work area,
    • when electrical and phone/cable lines will have to be dropped for access and the utility provider must be called to re-connect. We can arrange for the electrical to be dropped and reset same day, however the phone/cable we have to drop ourselves or work around and can’t guarantee we get them back 100% or at all – repair might need to be called by Client (and there could be a charge by your carrier),
    • when using equipment to move wood, usually required when trunk diameter exceeds 20” (typically, sod is impacted to some degree); this would include waiver of damage to driveway or lawn from use of crane,
    • when the damaged object was already damaged or past its useful life (e.g. a fence that is dry-rotted and falling apart).
  10. Treatments: AST cannot guarantee that treatments will be 100% effective; we are dealing with living organisms and each is unique and impacted by multiple environmental factors. Also, some treatments may need to be repeated in order to be effective.
  11. Cabling/Bracing: Cabling/bracing is performed in an effort to add support to a tree that has been determined to be deficient in some way. AST shall perform the work according to ASNI A300 standards and expressly disclaims any liability for personal injury or property damage resulting from the failure of a cable or cabled tree.
  12. Plantings: Planted material is not warranted unless specifically stated on quote, and then is a limited 1-year warranty conditioned on the client properly maintaining with adequate water and not damaging from lawn equipment or chemical spray.
  13. Special Programs
    • Southern TreeGuard: This program is designed for Clients who want to be proactive as it relates to their landscape. Not always, but often trees require removal or fail because warning signs were not heeded months/years earlier. Participation in Southern TreeGuard is not intended nor does it make claims that “trees are safe”. However, Southern TreeGuard will provide:
      1. Twice annual visual inspection of trees and woody ornamentals with wrtten exceptions.
      2. Spot treatment of active insects.
      3. Annual deep root/soil treatment of any 1,500 square foot area.
      4. Discounted pruning should recommendations be made.
    • “Down/Defer” Tree Planting:  This program is designed to provide Clients an opportunity to plant trees at the right time and price. For a non-refundable down payment of $50, AST will plant a tree of your choice in November/December of the same year for 10% off the installed retail price (up to $100).