If you are interested, here’s a heads-up on our typical process – from your request today up to job completion:

  • You will get an email (usually within 24 hours if not an emergency) so you know we got your request.
  • You will receive a written, detailed estimate via email – usually within 2 workings days of our visit onsite.
  • Confirm your approval of work terms – either verbal or email works in Georgia.
  • We will facilitate/obtain any permits required by local authority.
  • We stay in contact with you regarding job scheduling, always giving at least a days notice.
  • Upon job completion and your satisfaction, we email an invoice for payment submission.
Tree Service Atlanta

Don’t Forget – Bubba’s Out There!!

Tree work is very dangerous and highly skilled.  Untrained “hacks” will leave you with damaged property and worse – a lawsuit due to their personal injury or death while on your property.

Read more about Bubba’s Tree Service and how his practices can put you at risk (and cost you much more in the long run).

Check our blog for actual Bubba sightings around Atlanta.

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