Atlanta’s urban trees need service above and below the ground.  Above the ground, regular pruning should be a part of any tree care plan. Pruning will pay dividends with lower maintenance and risk down the road!!  These dividends come in the form of increased safety, aesthetics and property value. RAISE for better visibility; THIN for increased wind resistance and sunlight; improve STRUCTURE for better weight distribution and growing habit.

“There’s nothing that keeps its youth, so far as I know, but a tree and truth.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

Below the ground, trees in an urban environment grow in generally poor soil conditions with limited nutritional resources compared to trees in the forest.  Urban soils are modified due to things ranging from construction to basic yard maintenance (raking leaves removes vital nutrients that would normally be decomposing and giving nutrients back to the tree).

As a result, urban soils are often deficient and lack microbial activity which renders the soil infertile. Scientifically speaking, urban soils lack biofertility and treatment is necessary to add nutrients back into the soil.

So why invest in the great trees that dominate the Atlanta landscape?

Just a few points to ponder about Atlanta’s trees…

  • Atlanta has lost 65% of its trees since 1972!
  • 50 acres are eliminated daily due to commercial development.
  • Trees produce the oxygen we breath – one can produce enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe each day.
  • Trees reduce levels of carbon dioxide – one can eliminate as much carbon dioxide from the air as is produced from driving a car 26,000 miles.
  • Trees store carbon in their roots and foliage.
  • Trees Increase energy savings.
  • Trees absorb bad ozone.
  • Trees intercept rain water and prevent pollutants from reaching water sources.
  • Trees increase property values!
  • Trees reduce erosion problems.
  • Trees reduce energy captation from buildings.
  • Trees reduce ambient temperature through a process called evapotranspiration, which transforms water from its liquid state into vapor.
  • Trees reduce wind infiltration, which translates into energy savings.

So keep your trees healthy, and give declining trees a chance!! A Southern Tree can provide the advice and service you need to make the best decision(s) for your trees.