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Crapemyrtle or Crape Myrtle

The Crapemyrtle was introduced in the US in the mid-1700's from China. This is certainly a poplar tree for Atlanta landscapers as typically an accent plant.  It can be planted alone (specimen) or in a cluster (3-5 usually work best). Their flower color varies from white to pink to purple or dark red and blooms in the summer. Size [...]

Red Maple

The red maple is a great choice for a fast growing, beautiful fall color shade tree. Most often, the undesirable silver maple is what is found in the landscape which many (including the city of Atlanta) consider to be a "trash tree." Instead, the red maple provides stronger limb joints, better form and prettier color.  Additionally, its roots are not [...]

Undocumented Workers Puts You at Risk

"Meanwhile, in what might be a surprise to some homeowners, an illegal alien injured while trimming your tree would have access to U.S. courts and could recover damages from a stateside homeowner or his insurance company, said John McAvoy, an attorney who has represented tree cutters in Lancaster and Pasadena. ``It's a very common scenario,'' he said. ``Itinerant laborers will get solicited to [...]


Pine tree diseases can cause devastation when they aren't diagnosed promptly. The proper diagnosis and treatment can mean the difference between a tree that will recover, and one that needs to be permanently removed from the landscape. Pine Bark Beetles - The southern pine beetle is the most destructive pine bark beetle in the South. The SPB attacks all species [...]


Right after the Bradford Pear finishes blooming, the cherry trees pick up the show with some spectacular whites and pinks. Both the Yoshino and Kwansan are common in the Georgia landscape - the Yoshino probably more so. The Yoshino (pictured) grows a bit larger and has white or pale pink blooms in the spring. The Kwansan blooms large, [...]

Why ‘Do you have insurance?’ is not enough when shopping for tree care

Tree care work is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Workers literally risk their lives every day with the near constant opportunity for injury or death by "struck-bys" (falling limbs, hazardous trees, etc.), chainsaw lacerations, and chipper amputations. According to the Tree Care Industry Association in 2010 alone, there were 3 fatalities directly related to tree work in Georgia. This [...]

A Southern Tree 100% Compliant before Georgia Law

We are very pleased and excited to be one of the very few, if not the only, tree care company in north metro Atlanta to be 100% compliant with Federal and State (Georgia) law regarding our labor practices. You have our guarantee that A Southern Tree does not use undocumented/illegal workers. Our labor is verifed legal to work in the [...]


Cryptomeria is known as an ornamental tree in the US, it is however the main timber tree species in Japan. It is a favorite for builders, often placed as an accent plant on the corner(s) of a house...and often planted too close. Don’t confuse this with the leyland cyprus - similar in look as well as in landscape function (fast [...]


One of my favorite trees is the hickory, prized for it's use in tools and equipment because of it's hard wood.  Hickory wood is great firewood and of course gives us the great flavor to smoked meats. It is also great tree in areas with high winds because of tap roots that go down deep in the earth, making the [...]


The oak is often considered the mightiest of trees. It symbolizes strength and courage. The ancient Romans thought oak trees attracted lightening and thereby connected the oak tree to the sky god, Jupiter and his wife, Juno, the goddess of marriage. Thus, the oak is also a symbol of conjugal fidelity and fulfillment. Transcending times and cultures, the oak has [...]